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Is It Possible To Grant A Power Of Attorney, etc, During The Coronavirus Outbreak?

At present, everyone is facing challenges to find answers to various issues which have never previously had to be dealt with. For example, is it possible, at present, to have a face to face meeting with a Solicitor.

The answer to that is probably no. However, we are in a position to provide legal advice and take instruction from you in all sorts of ways, including by telephone or Skype. If you are considering granting a Power of Attorney (POA) it is necessary that the Solicitor interviews the client who is granting the POA to ensure that they have the capapcity to do so. The Law Society of Scotland have now issued guidance suggesting alternative way of dealing with matters by sending draft documentation to a client along with a full explanation of the terms of the document. Thereafter arrangements can be made with the client to discuss and sign the documentation, depending on the circumstances of each individual. In view of the current situation with coronavirus, it is increasingly likely that neither a meeting in our office, or a home visit, will be possible. However, other methods can be put in place in order to deal with matters. Similar arrangements can be put in place for preparation of other documents such as Contracts, Leases and Wills. Please contact us to find the solution which works best for you. Our aim is to take all necessary precautions to assist our clients and staff.

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