Living Together and Unmarried Parents

Couples who live together (legally known as co-habitants) do not have the same rights as married couples.

    • Buying A House Together

      The home may be owned by both partners jointly or by one of the partners alone. When buying a house, a document can be drawn up setting out each partner’s share in the property. For instance where one of the partners has made a greater financial contribution to the price paid. We can offer advice on how to protect your legal interest.

      If you are separating from your partner you may need advice about rights to remain living in the house, or about your financial interest in the house and its contents. You may be entitled to payment from the other partner if you have increased the value of the house by way of contributing money to renovation costs or the like.

      • Unmarried Parents

        You may not realise that once again your legal rights are different in some important ways from those of married parents.

        For example, where parents are married to each other, both the mother and the father have automatic parental rights and responsibilities for their children. Parental responsibility is about the right to make major decisions affecting a child’s upbringing – such as determining which school he or she should attend or consenting to emergency medical treatment on his or her behalf.

        It is important for both parents to know their rights and we can help you to safeguard your children’s welfare.